Argon Refundable Deposit


Purchasing the Argon Vertical Aircraft

The ZEVA Argon is offered initially as an “Experimental” Amateur-Built kit aircraft. The individual purchasing this kit must build 51% of the aircraft. ZEVA has arranged both quick-build component kits and builder assist programs to facilitate the process. There is a $500 delivery position reservation. This refundable fee locks in the order of your reservation. This reservation can be made here with a credit card.



What to expect?

Manufacturing slots will begin to open in October of 2023 with completion dates in 2025. The total purchase price of the Argon Kit is estimated at $677,000 which is payable in three payments of $225,500. The first installment is used to place the order for the equipment with long lead-times such as the engine and avionics and therefore, should be paid as early as practical. This is a complete kit including the following:

  • Carbon Fiber Composite Fuselage kit
  • Quick-build Wing and tail kits
  • Continental CD-155 Engine kit
  • Vertical Lift Kit – all inclusive

  • Avionics Package
  • Paint & Interior
  • Builder Assist Package


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