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Zero-Emission, Electric, Vertical Aircraft

Join our team to fund the most efficient mode of travel with a massive reduction of commute times and a cleaner, more beautiful environment for everyone. ZEVA is bringing personal air transportation to everyone – with an affordable, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft called the ZERO. ZEVA is currently flight-testing a full-scale prototype. We believe this will be the fastest way to get anywhere within a 50-mile radius, by traveling over 160 miles per hour.

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Reasons to Invest

Largest Market Opportunity of Our Lifetimes
  • We believe eVTOL vehicles will lead to the largest market opportunity of our lifetimes.

  • ZERO plans on being the fastest way to safely get anywhere within a 50 mile radius by traveling over 160 miles per hour.
  • Our first goal is to sell 500 vehicles by 2025 into the first responder and defense markets, which has the potential to provide a total revenue of $125 million dollars.

Skyrocketing Opportunity

Analysts have Predicted Incredible Growth

Urban Air Mobility is going to be a huge market & investors see ZEVA as a great way to get in on the ground floor.
~ Stephen Tibbitts, CEO.

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Your Commute

How long do you spend on your transportation in a year?

People in the US spend 293 hours on average on transit time in a year.

50 miles

Current Commute:

ZERO & SkyDock:

1 Hour, 20 Min + Traffic + Parking

20 Min

The Problem

As Cities Grow, So Does Traffic

In 2020, 55% of people lived in cities, but by 2050 this will grow to 68% with over 6.3B people living in metro areas (source). With the world population increasing in metro areas surface transportation and infrastructure becomes more and more challenging.

The Solution

ZEVA is one of the few companies building personal flying machines for private ownership.

ZEVA’s solution is a personal air vehicle designed to move humans at high speed from point-A to point-B. Initially, ZEVA will sell vehicles to emergency-services first-responder markets, where getting a medic on scene faster can mean the difference between life and death. And we don’t stop there. We are working on making Zero fully autonomous so anyone can safely fly – even without a pilot’s license. ZEVA has completed a full-scale working prototype and is currently performing flight tests, which puts us ahead of most of the entities in the eVTOL space.

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