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First Responder Flying Vehicle

The transportation market is in great need of a first responder vehicle like the ZEVA. If we had a fleet of autonomous electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles for emergency response and relief today perhaps disasters like the California fires would not be as severe and many potential lives could have been saved. This technology needs more attention and investment for the health and sustainability of our world. The ZEVA Z2 is a personal flying machine that transitions from hover mode to forward flight mode and cruises comfortably at 160mph. Z2 is a new class of aircraft that blends the best features of multi-copter with streamlined wing-body for improved range and efficiency.

  • ZERO – Emissions
  • ZERO – Waiting
  • NO AIRSTRIP – 30’x30′ landing area only
  • CAPACITY – 1 Person (220 lbs)
  • RANGE – 50 miles (best in class)

  • FAST – 160 mph cruise

  • SAFE – Highly reliable all electric drive
  • QUIET – 100% Electric


Versatile – Multi-Mission Capable

  • Fast Response – Saving lives by getting there first
  • Search & rescue – Piloted or remotely piloted
  • Law Enforcement – Reconnaissance & extraction of personnel from dangerous situations
  • Deliver Medical Supplies – Resupply & package delivery with a 200 pound payload
  • Hard to Reach Locations – Fly low & fast and land anywhere
first responders Search and Rescue vehicle
Fire Rescue Vehicle first responders
Medical Response Vehicle first responders
Law Enforcement Vehicle first responders
Deliver Medical Supplies Vehicle first responders

Save 100’s of Lives Every Year




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