Point to Point Travel

Electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing (eVTOL)

Meet ZEVA’s latest eVTOL aircraft: Z2, a new class of electric aircraft that enables both rural and urban air mobility (UAM) for first responders and commuters, for transportation across any terrain faster than ground vehicles. This personal flying machine blends the best features of a multi-copter with a streamlined wing-body for improved range and efficiency, transitioning from hover mode to forward flight mode and cruising comfortably at 160mph.

  • ZERO – Emissions
  • ZERO – Waiting
  • NO AIRSTRIP – 30’x30′ landing area only
  • CAPACITY – 1 Person (220 lbs)
  • RANGE – 50 miles (best in class)

  • FAST – 160 mph cruise

  • SAFE – Highly reliable all electric drive
  • QUIET – 100% Electric


Versatile – Multi-Mission Capable

  • Personal Air Travel – Island & mountain hopping
  • First Responder – Saving lives by getting there first
  • Search & rescue – Piloted or remotely piloted
  • Law Enforcement – Reconnaissance & extraction of personnel from dangerous situations
  • Cargo – Resupply & package delivery with a 200 pound payload
  • Ship to shore – Fly low & fast and land anywhere

Timeline for eVTOL Adoption

The transition to eVTOL will be a world-wide phenomenon and will happen much quicker than people are anticipating.

Our Advantage

Advantages of a Good Attitude

Z2’s differentiation is its compact versatility, superior aerodynamic performance, and expansive safety features.
  • Forward-flight creates lift in the wing body for maximum efficiency and extended range.

  • Mechanically simple eVTOL with no complex tilt-rotor mechanisms and includes layers of safety systems.

  • Requires no special infrastructure and is compact enough to fit into standard parking or land in congested emergency zones and disaster areas.


Forward Flight Creates Lift
Evtol Forward Flight Aerodynamic Force evtol aircraft

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