Point to Point Travel

Electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing (eVTOL)

ZEVA Aero is an electric vertical takeoff and landing eVTOL aircraft manufacturer focused on creating sustainable and efficient air transportation solutions. The company’s flagship product is the Argon, an aircraft that utilizes advanced aerodynamic and propulsion technology to enable vertical takeoff and landing, as well as efficient horizontal flight. The aircraft has a range of over 200 miles, and is designed to be operated by a single pilot. ZEVA is committed to building a sustainable future through the development and deployment of innovative electric aircraft technology with a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency.

  • FAST – 140 mph cruise

  • RANGE – 330 NM
  • USEFUL LOAD – 650 lbs
  • TAKE OFF – 0 feet
  • LANDING – 0 feet


Versatile – Multi-Mission Capable

  • Personal Air Travel – Island & mountain hopping
  • First Responder – Saving lives by getting there first
  • Search & rescue – Piloted or remotely piloted
  • Law Enforcement – Reconnaissance & extraction of personnel from dangerous situations
  • Cargo – Resupply & package delivery with a 200 pound payload
  • Ship to shore – Fly low & fast and land anywhere

Argon Milestones

Argon’s Advantage

  • Highest Level of Safety

  • Hybrid Drive System – Long Range

  • Flyable with 100% Power Failure

  • Flexible – Vertical or Conventional Operations

  • Fastest Time to Market

  • Proven Airframe (over hundreds of vehicles & thousands of hours)

  • Optional Airframe Parachute
  • Combined Function Control Stick
  • Two-Seat “bush” Plane (seated position)

Dream Big

Argon Refundable Deposit

The Next Best Thing

Team ZEVA is focused on achieving the most efficient path to commercialization of Argon. To that end, Argon is based on a pre-existing airframe with unsurpassed flight characteristics and excellent safety record. The aircraft delivers a wealth of engineering, innovations, robust materials, construction techniques, and features that contribute to the operational safety of the aircraft. ZEVA has modified and enhanced the wing and wing-strut to accept the vertical lift modifications.

Having gone thru the initial market hype-cycle, with market adoption ramping at a CAGR north of 20%, eVTOL vehicles provide practical air travel that does not require a long runway, is safe, clean, quiet, and operating costs are significantly lower. ZEVA’s approach is different than other companies. We will initially offer the Argon as an Experimental Amateur-Built kit. This is a rapidly growing segment that currently represents almost 10% of the light aircraft fleet.

Important implications are: 1) Time to market is reduced and 2) The FAA regulatory requirements are minimized; giving ZEVA a considerable advantage.

ZEVA is privately held and has been operating with relatively modest capitalization. What this means is investors are able to participate in a larger percentage ownership of the company. Our goal is to bring the company to the public markets by 2026 and will provide early liquidity to our investors.