About ZEVA

Point to Point Travel

Our History

ZEVA will transform the transportation landscape for mission critical travel. ZEVA was founded in 2017, though groundwork for ZEVA’s pioneering electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology was laid by founder and CEO Stephen Tibbitts as early as 2003. Frustrated with general aviation—and specifically with the issue that hundreds of small airports have vanished—Mr. Tibbitts became an early proponent of eVTOL aircraft because they don’t require a landing strip and rather use vertiports which boast a smaller, more affordable footprint. In 2005, he submitted a grant proposal to NASA with ground-breaking concepts on eVTOL; the earliest iteration of ZEVA aircraft. As conversations around eVTOL vehicles permeated the mainstream in 2017, ZEVA’s early team of engineers and designers competed in the Boeing GoFly competition and began initial design studies and prototyping.

Today, Team ZEVA has grown to about 25 people from a variety of disciplines. ZEVA CEO, Stephen Tibbitts, is a serial entrepreneur and ZEVA is his 5th startup company. He has the ability to foresee selected mega-trends and eVTOL is an emerging phenomenon that represents one of the largest economic disruptions this century.


To enable personal point to point air travel.


To create the most compelling personal air vehicle company.


Leadership: Have the courage to shape a better future. Passion for winning.
Integrity: Be real, do the right thing
Collaboration: Leverage collective genius
Community: Build a positive team
Safety: Design reliable and trustworthy systems
Quality: What we do, we do well
Creativity: Be innovative and open-minded
Nimbleness: Move fast and adapt. Evolve immediately

Our Value

Value creation involves a balanced approach that combines strategy, technological innovation & execution.


How will this enhance the industry? New Transport Paradigm 
Who will be energized by the product or service? Special Operations, then John Q Public 
What industry ecosystem will make this company successful in the industry? DoD, Transportation Sector 
Planning the end game: continue, merge, sell, IPO IPO ~2025 


What is unique & defensible Blended Wing-body eVTOL, SkyDock 
What it can be doing with increased capital & resources Accelerate development & transition to production 
Improving the way things work New missions are possible through range & reduction of commute times 
The end goal of those improvements New capabilities, Better quality of life, ZERO emissions, safer travel 


We are working all of these… 
Creating deals: contracts, partner agreements, funding 
Improving internal systems to support rapid progress 
Strengthening the team: Adding and changing talent to accelerate progress
Collaborating with management, structuring the board 
Timing, KPIs, Milestones, Investor Management 

Be Apart of History

Join our team to fund the most efficient mode of travel with a massive reduction of commute times and a cleaner, more beautiful environment for everyone.