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Do you believe in UFOs or as the U.S. government now calls them UAPs? Even if you’re a skeptic this eVTOL from ZEVA AERO might come off as something like an alien craft. After the successful controlled flight test of the ZERO earlier this year, the company shares exciting details about its successor they aptly call the Z2.

Not to worry, because they are keeping the iconic saucer-like outline of the original but introducing more upgrades. For now, the emission-free aircraft prototype remains a single-seater, but there is word of a two-seater in development. The latter can function as an air taxi to replace helicopters and private jets.

Aside from personal transport, ZEVA AERO also eyes its use in logistics, military, and emergency services. The design of the Z2 follows that of the ZERO wherein you have a disc-shape wing with room for one operator/passenger. There is also ample space to store cargo.