Zero Emissions Vertical Aircraft

Is it a mega-drone, a flying saucer or a flying pancake that took flight in rural Pierce County, Washington?

The ZEVA Aero ZERO is a clamshell-shaped personal flying machine eVTOL. ZEVA Aero CEO and Chairman, Stephen Tibbitts, tells Auto Futures how he plans to pilot the ZERO to market.

Tibbitts is an engineer and entrepreneur who has launched many technology businesses. He sold his company Silicon Reality to Evans & Sutherland in 1998. After founding and leading PICCO, a semiconductor design consultancy, Broadcom bought it.

He is also a private pilot, EV enthusiast and motorcycle rider. While flying a Cessna 172, he noticed that all the little airports were vanishing in Washington State.

“I see eVTOL as the largest opportunity in a lifetime,” says Tibbitts, “My goal is to ride and fly.”