TACOMA, WA., September 8th, 2021 – We are pleased to announce that ZEVA Aero has been awarded a research grant from Washington State’s Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation (JACTI). The funds from the grant will be used to partner with Washington State University (WSU) to study aerodynamic configurations to optimize the thrust and controls of ZEVA’s single-passenger electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, with a further goal of using the findings to design a 2+ passenger eVTOL aircraft.

The research team is led by Professor Konstantin Matveev, PhD and Associate Professor John P. Swensen, PhD of the WSU School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Dr. Matveev has extensive experience creating digital models and simulations for dynamic propeller systems, and will be leading a group of graduate and undergraduate students to create a simplified digital twin of ZEVA’s aircraft propulsion system.
ZEVA will provide facility access to WSU to investigate the ZEVA Zero prototype to develop relevant experiment test plans, and ZEVA will ultimately conduct physical testing to validate the simulation results. ZEVA engineers will be available for consulting throughout the duration of the project.
ZEVA will use the simulations and test data to optimize the configuration of the full-scale prototype and to create flight plans to incorporate into the currently semi-autonomous control system. Upon finalization of the ZEVA Zero, ZEVA plans to begin manufacturing in Washington State.
According to the JCATI request for proposals, funding is not meant for basic research projects and is generally given to research projects at academic institutions with a high probability of transitioning the technology to industry partners within 1-2 years. WSU has earmarked the JCATI funds for student salaries, equipment, laboratory fees, and materials.

About ZEVA Aero

ZEVA Aero is an early pioneer of electric personal air vehicles capable of vertical take-off and landing and fast cruise speeds. ZEVA Aero’s first vehicle is called Zero and will transform the transportation landscape for mission-critical travel for first responders and emergency services. To learn more about ZEVA Aero please visit our website at zevaaero.com. The following link can be used to learn more about funding ZEVA on the Start Engine platform. Startengine.com/zeva


The Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation (JCATI) is an initiative to stimulate aerospace economic development and job creation in Washington State by funding collaborations between the aerospace industry and academic researchers at the State’s public 4-year institutions of higher education.