A Tacoma company is working to put our city on the map for revolutionary personal air transportation. ZEVA Aero is an early pioneer in electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), and the company has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for its ready to be flight tested vehicle called ZERO. The competition is fierce, and the race is on for ZEVA to lead the pack in electric aircraft for point-to-point travel.

Right now, ZEVA is focusing on providing its product to emergency first responders and the Department of Defense, with the ultimate goal to sell 500 of them to these markets by 2025. By 2040, ZEVA hopes to put a ZERO in every garage and hangar for individual consumer use, which would transform the transportation landscape to help reduce the ever-growing problem of traffic congestion and all that comes with it, including environmental degradation.

“I would like Tacoma to be one of the first cities to have a functioning vertiport that ties in with existing transportation modes,” said ZEVA President and CEO Stephen Tibbitts. “Our mantra is point to point transportation, which is obviously the most efficient.”