Zeva Zero Skydocking

ZEVA AERO a Tacoma based corporation plans to close a bridge round of funding by the end of November. For this round, ZEVA is seeking a total raise of $500,000 in convertible debt. The funds will allow us to build additional human-scale prototypes capable of flying through multiple flight tests. From there we will be contenders to win the million-dollar GoFly Prize to be held in early 2020.

“Urban Air Mobility is going to be a huge market and investors see ZEVA as a great way to get in on the ground floor,” said Stephen Tibbitts, CEO. “Multiples of 10X to 100X are likely and all the members of our team are wired to achieve the highest return for our stakeholders by executing our plan.”

ZEVA’s initial target markets are first responders and law-enforcement but is also one of the few companies building personal flying machines for private ownership. “The hub and spoke model of transportation will become obsolete. Point to point travel is more efficient, better for the environment, and doesn’t create choke-points” added Tibbitts.

ZEVA is excited to present at the Dubai Air Show in November and was invited to join the Washington State Delegation by the Office of Economic Development.

For investor information please go here: https://www.fundable.com/zeva