Air Venture was a huge success for ZEVA. We talked to thousands of people that were both intrigued and excited about what we are doing. Representatives from NASA, DoD, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, first responders, and the public in general had very positive things to say about possible use models for true point to point travel that the Zero makes possible.

  • “What is it? Some kind of prop for a Hollywood movie set?”
  • “it’s phenomenal, it’s electric, that’s where everything is going…its super exciting”
  • “You have the right idea to be at the right place at the right time”
  • “Your right there on the leading edge of what’s coming and I think it’s going to be really big. “

It was a banner year for Air Venture with more than 642,000 enthusiasts attending, 10,000 aircraft, 2,758 show planes, 12,300 camping sites.

A Great big thanks to the Experimental Aircraft Association for hosting us at the event and also to Microsoft for providing marketing support, Azure cloud services, and AirSim simulation tools.

Bringing the Zero home required a stop in Sturgis and for a close encounter at Devil’s Tower.