Zero fans, the man behind the Zero will be speaking live at SAE on March 27th.  His topic, “eVTOL Perspectives from a Private Pilot”, will cover how Vertical Take-off and landing vehicles are important for our transportation dilemma but also for saving General Aviation. Mr. Tibbitts explores history and current trends that make eVTOL the only reasonable choice for urban and suburban air travel. Watch the presentation here: .

“SAE 2019 AeroTech® Americas, now held annually, is the North American-based, tip-to-tail aviation event focused on the next generation of air transport. 

This critically important, comprehensive event brings together all of the best minds and key stakeholders to share information on emerging and applied technologies, discuss industry issues, and connect with other aviation professionals. Greater frequency for AeroTech Americas is now needed because of the speed of the industry’s advancement. The 2019 event marks the first of the new annual AeroTech Americas, followed by AeroTech Europe.”  –