ZEVA a Tacoma based team of engineers and designers has officially been accepted to compete in Phase-2 of the GoFly Prize, a Boeing sponsored X-Prize with a million dollar purse. Team ZEVA will enter their flying vehicle the ZERO and then plans to be a leading contender for the final fly-off which happens in October, 2019.

What is GoFly? GoFly is a two-year, $2M international competition to build a personal flying device that is safe, quiet, and ultra compact.
What makes it different from what’s already out there? GoFly is about making
people fly. There is a lot of excitement in the industry right now, but a lot of what is
currently being developed is simply too big, too loud, or too unsafe to encapsulate the
feeling of true human flight – instead, GoFly wants to challenge people to pursue a
device that can hit all three key areas.