The Next Generation of

Sustainable Electric Aircraft

The Next Generation of

Sustainable Electric Aircraft


The transition to eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) transportation is truly one of the largest economic paradigm shifts of our lifetimes. ZEVA—founded and led by Stephen Tibbitts, a serial entrepreneur and an early mover in the eVTOL space—is pioneering a new fleet of eVTOL aircraft that will enable true point-to-point and mission-critical travel.

  • CLEAN – 100% Electric & Zero Emissions
  • COMPACT – Vertical Take-Off & Landing
  • FLEXIBLE – Multi-Mission Capable

  • EFFICIENT – 50mi Range, 160mph Cruise
Zeva Z Evtol Flying Aircraft electric aircraft

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Electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing

Meet Z2: A new class of electric aircraft. Building upon the proprietary underlying technology, extensive learnings and successful flight tests of its predecessor, ZERO, Z2 blends the best features of a multi-copter with a streamlined wing-body for improved range and efficiency, transitioning seamlessly from hover mode to forward flight mode.

Z Evtol With Pilot Outline electric aircraftZ Evtol With Pilot Outline From Top electric aircraft

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